Music Bio: JaeHussain

In January 2021, I was asked by JaeHussain, a producer based out of Houston, Texas specialising in trap, R&B, pop and hip-hop.

With an arsenal of beats, JaeHussain continues to gain admirers for her dynamic production style following several singles throughout 2020.

From an early age, JaeHussain has loved music. Growing up in Sacramento, CA, she would play guitar and organ with her grandfather before picking up the viola and violin when she was 12. A music diet of hip-hop, Bollywood, and Spanish music set her up for her multi-genre future. Her admiration for music has seen her relocate to Austin, TX, where she has become one of the area’s highly-sought after producers.

2020 proved to be an eventful year for everyone, especially JaeHussain. Her collaborations with artists such as Henny Ceasar, Trae Boy, Nue Life, ItsDJBravo and D.Maleek on tracks such as ‘Money Talks’, ‘Incredible’, ‘City Lights’, and ‘Chasin’ the Dream’, has allowed JaeHussain to leave her mark on the hip-hop world. Through embracing an infectious blend of trap, R&B, pop and rap beats, JaeHussain has developed an effective production style.

JaeHussain ended 2020 with ‘Love You Again’. It sees her hook up with local singer, Senasha Lynn, who brings a smooth melody alongside D.Maleek’s profound sincere bars. While ‘Inspiration’ sees JaeHussain begin 2021 on an optimistic note as JRuggz and ItsDJBravo spin lines full of hope for a bright future.

No matter who she works with, JaeHussain aims to leave her mark, creating the perfect vibe.

You’re sure to hear “OMG is that JaeHussain” a whole lot more in 2021 and beyond!

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