About Sêan Reid
I am a Nottinghamshire-based freelance writer, specialising in music, professional wrestling and copywriting.

Since 2008, I have written about a variety of rock, punk, metal, and hardcore bands from around the world for numerous publications.

During this time, I have overseen the day-to-day running of two websites; managing a team of writers and photographers, organising the development of original content, regularly worked with a variety of companies within the music industry and effectively used social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

In addition to writing about music, I have produced content for Steel Chair Wrestling Magazine and freelance copywriting pieces.

Away from music and pro wrestling, my interests include watching sporting events (football and ice hockey), maintaining my mental and physical well-being, and consuming books, films, TV shows and video games.

Further information about me can be found here.

I am available for album/EP reviews, festival previews, pro wrestling and copywriting commissions.